They pretended to be from the IRS. They lied about being from the police. Now they're trying to be scam pet lovers? I'M DRAWING THE LINE RIGHT THERE.

The Better Business Bureau is warning Idahoans against a new online scam with too-good-to-be-true pet offers. They've already taken folks in the Gem State for over $1,600, and it's getting worse.

It starts as a typical online deal. You find a pet you want to adopt, wire money to the seller, but then things take a sharp right turn as you never actually get to adopt your pet. The seller will ask for additional funds for B.S. reasons like extra kennel fees and shipping, but it's all fake. The BBB is particularly focused on Paw Prime and the online pet adoption service which was formally known as Affinity Pets.

How can you protect yourself? Always read the fine print, and be wary of deals that feel like they're a little too good to be real because they probably are. The BBB has some additional tips to protect yourself here.

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