The flooding continues to cause big issues in the Treasure Valley.

Now, it's forcing a 39 year tradition, the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon to change its course.

The race, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 20, is typically run along the Greenbelt. But because of Greenbelt closures, they were forced to come up with a new course.

Another issue is finding a course that can be certified to be a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, which is why a lot of people participate in this race.

The new course starts at Lucky Peak, and because of flooding, utilizes more roads and trails instead of the Greenbelt to reach the finish line at Albertsons headquarters on Parkcenter Boulevard.

Some people are actually looking forward to the changes it brings while others are disappointed that a 39 year tradition is being forced to make adjustments.

For all of the details and to register for the race, click HERE!

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