Last year at this time, because of record snowfall and spring runoff, most of the Treasure Valley was dealing with flooding of the Boise River and closure of major portions of the Boise Greenbelt.

So far this year, flooding has been very limited, especially compared to last year. But because of major Boise river flooding in 2017, the flows and height of the river has changed due to sediment re-distribution, so the water is higher in some areas than it usually would be, causing flooding in places that normally wouldn’t be flooded in the past.

That’s the case right now in the Eagle area as flooding has caused the City of Eagle to close a couple sections of its Boise River Greenbelt. But even with the closures, city officials say there’s a big difference from last year.

According to the USGA, water is currently flowing well below flood stage at around 3,660 cfs at the Glenwood Bridge. Last year, at this time the river was flowing at about 8550 cfs, which is about 1500 cfs above flood stage.

In Eagle, a portion of Laguna Point Trail along on the South channel of the river is closed along with a portion of the North channel pathway under Eagle Road. The trails are closed til further notice due to flooding and high water.

City leaders want to send a warning to those using the Greenbelt to please pay attention to the warning signs and the dangers of high and fast flowing water.

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