After two weeks of submissions, we've narrowed down the entries to the final five. Vote daily until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 20th for the chance for your favorite floor to win updated flooring!

Credit: Sherri Poston

"My floor is dirty and lackluster. It needs to shine again." - Sherri Posten

Credit: Karen Havey

"Our floors are 12 years old! We haven't fixed the "silver" warn-out finish because of our Siberian Huskies. We REALLY need a hardwood refinish/flip for our home with our family pets (especially in the kitchen)! We NEED updated floors from MIX 106 and R&R Hardwood Floors!"- Karen Harvey

Credit: Kelsey Morrow

Our floors are old and dont match throughout the house, and they dont reach the edge of the wall! We have cracks showing along the edge of our baseboards but can't afford to replace baseboards let alone floors! - Kelsey Morrow

Credit: Katherine Carlson

We love hardwood floors! And we love our gold retrievers! But inheriting problem floors when we moved in did not make for a good match. The first-floor wood floors were in rougher shape than we realized, and we really need to refinish/update them in order to keep the beautiful wood-warmth, comfort, and beauty alive. In the attached picture, the floors are newly cleaned; we just cannot ever get the stains, ingrained dirt, or worn-out finish pretty again. Every budget we set continues to get adjusted with money being re-routed to other needs (a roof this spring, mold found in the walls, school tuition, and medical bills), so the money for this project just never seems to be there. HELP - R&R Hardwood Floors and Mix 106 Radio - Flip Our Floor, PLEASE!! - Katherine Carlson

Katie Case

HELP! Our floors need your votes! Our hardwood is going on 12 years old and is in desperate need of R&R Hardwood Floors! Our dog has had her fun chasing our daughters around and it shows! Please select our floors for a beautiful makeover....thank you! - Katie Case