One of the things I love about Idaho is all the greenery. I've been told it's been unusually green this year, but I'm talking about real grass lawns. Both in the front and backyards, more houses than not seem to be sporting real grass.

Coming from a true desert, it's always been a dream of mine to have a big yard with grass. But now that I finally have it, I realize I'm not entirely sure how to maintain it. Do I opt for a landscaping company to do the work for me, or have the husband figure it out?

Part of me thinks it's worth the investment to buy a mower and anything else that would keep the lawn lush and green to save money in the long run. But the amount of time I see people spend every week taking care of their grass doesn't look enviable, even if I were to make my husband do it. Should I just cough up the dough to place the responsibility on someone more qualified even if it is the pricier option? What do you suggest?


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