This isn't your average firefighter hero story.  It's so amazing I just had to share.  If you're an animal lover like me, we'd be freaking out in the moments that it took for all of this to unfold.

There's a firefighter in Addison Texas, north of Dallas, that is making headlines for saving a dog's life by giving it CPR.  For 25 or 30 minutes!  Check out this amazing story.People Magazine says Capt. Scott Ledet and another rescuer made their way through thick smoke to get to the vehicle, which caught fire after it "popped a radiator," and the chihuahua had been trapped inside in it's crate and wasn't breathing when the firefighters pulled it out.

Ledet gave the dog CPR for almost a half hour before the dog was finally revived and started breathing again.  Amazing!  The owner of the vehicle told firefighters when they got there that she didn't care about anything but that dog (named My Little Pony), and firefighters were able to work their magic and save it's life.

Wow!  What did you do with your day today?  Yeah, I texted some friends and ate granola.  And read another story about a hero firefighter doing some good work in the world.  Amazing!  My Little Pony is a lucky dog!

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