We all know that Idaho makes for the perfect movie set. The picturesque pine trees, the rivers that cut through the mountains demanding honor and respect with their pure power, and the sunsets and sunrises that only our GEM State can procure. Hollywood is taking notice. 

Pinewood IMGA

Matt Mudd, a Boise Filmmaker is going into the mountains and back hills of Boise and Idaho City to film the new psychological thriller "PineWood". Mudd said that the concept for the film is much like Hotel California or even a crazy Groundhogs days...a place you visit but can never get out of. The writer-director and producer said that this stemmed from a nightmare he had that he just could never shake. Matter of fact it was so bad that he developed PTSD from the dream.

NOW...the film has picked up extras in and around Boise and Idaho City as the 2 home based locations for the feature which is planning on starting production full time this July. Above is the Crowdfunding video as well as the teaser trailer. I can't wait to see this, and having Idaho City as a pivotal player in it will be amazing to see. The scripts are ready...the casting is done, now they are looking for a little bit of help with the financial aspects of the production. An IndieGoGo account to help raise close to $18,000 has been set up and if you can help them with the funds. Ya never know, maybe there is a place in the credits with your name waiting when you click and donate. No word yet on when the actual release date will be, but producers are shooting for sometime mid-2018. Be on the lookout...Idaho's "Pinewood" coming to a theater near you.

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