Boise happens to be a very pet-friendly city. Throughout the month of April, JUMP Boise has collaborated with the Idaho Humane Society to celebrate the "feathered, furry, and finned" pets of Boise who are always there to provide us with companionship, support, and lots of snuggles.

I don't have even human babies but I do have one fur baby - my pup Mila, and my camera roll is about 75% full of pictures just of her. If you're an obsessed dog/cat/horse/fish momma like myself, then chances are you have plenty of adorable pictures of your pet too. Now is the perfect time to share your devotion and your (pet's cuteness) with the rest of town by featuring them on the JUMPotron big screen.

"Share your devotion by sending in your favorite pet photos or short videos of the two of you playing, bonding, training or just hanging out together." JUMP shared on Facebook. Photos that are submitted will be featured on the large outdoor JUMPotron screen daily throughout April.

Send in your photos/videos along with your photo release form ( to In order for your picture or video to display correctly, be sure to follow the JUMPotron Board Requirements:

• Video formats:
• H264/MP4 (.mp4)
• Quicktime (.mov)
• 30 second limit for videos of pets.

The Idaho Humane Society has been hosting a dog-friendly event every Saturday in the month of April at JUMP Boise. The last even to attend is this Saturday, April 24th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Adorable Boise Dog Photos

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