How are we at this place? The arrival of COVID-19 turned a group of things into golden items. We saw the disappearance of paper towels, toilet paper, disinfecting cleaning products, and water.

There was also a shopping frenzy for hand sanitizer. It's been over 4 months and you still can't find a familiar hand sanitizer on a shelf. That created an opening for 100 more to blanket the market. That also was followed by recalls.

I wrote an article a few months ago regarding 9 hand sanitizers that the FDA warned us about. That was barely two months ago. We now enter August with that number reaching 100. I didn't even know we had that many. I do recognize I can't find a bottle of Purell anywhere since the pandemic began.

You have to take into count we use sanitizing products at a rate never consumed before. That alone is dangerous but we do have a list from the US Food and Drug Administration.

FDA is warning consumers about the consumption of methanol and now insufficient levels of alcohol.

Nearly all hand sanitizers mentioned by FDA were manufactured in Mexico. This is a long list and you should recognize some of these. You might even have them in your house so please click below to educate yourself and to see if you might have these at home.

Note: Purell was NOT a hand sanitizer on this list.


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