It sounds like the FBI is working on an operation in Ada County this morning with several federal agents targeting numerous businesses and houses in Eagle, Boise and Meridian. We first got wind of the story thanks to our friends at KTVB and as you can expect with the FBI involved no one was expecting any of this.

Beyond just the FBI there are officers from the Department of Homeland Security, the IRS, and local law enforcement all assisting in whatever operation is currently underway.

The investigation has already hit one unmarked business on Bridger Street in Boise, a residential home on West Spruce Creek Drive in Meridian, and two large homes on Pasa Tiempo Way in Eagle.

Everyone involved in the operation going on right now is not saying much about what is being investigated or if any other locations will be targeted as part of their investigation. It's unclear at this time if any arrests have been made or any charges have been filed.

Although FBI agents could be seen leaving the Bridger Street business in Boise with numerous boxes and bags.

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