Every summer I look forward to re-reading Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I suppose for nostalgic purposes I've been reading this book every year since I was 17. It has to be one of my favorite tragic love stories of all time. Unfortunately for me I left my copy of the book back in Indiana. As someone who appreciates a good physical book (audiobooks and E-books just don't do it for me the way a real physical book does), this meant a trip to the bookstore was in my near future.

Bookstores are magical. There's something so warm and safe about them. The Treasure Valley has it's fair share of bookstores and I recently fell head over heels for one in Boise's north-end. Once and Future Books is a used bookstore locally owned and staffed by the most passionate and enthusiastic booksellers.

I walked in with one book on the top of my mind but I ended up walking out with the three new books! I was feeling inspired to say the least. This is that bookstore magic I was talking about earlier. After I told the booksellers what it was I was looking for and why I was so enamored with Fitzgerald's work, they made recommendations for other books that I would probably enjoy! Since this is a used bookstore, you can also sell and trade in your old books as well.

Once and Future Books is currently open by appointment only. The bookstore is open from 10am-3pm Monday through Saturday.

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