Here's another reason to watch the big game this Sunday...or at least the first few minutes could win a free Pizza Hut Pizza if this one thing happens.

Now there is a catch...Everyone in America gets a free pizza if anyone scores a touchdown within the first 14 seconds of the game. Why 14 seconds? Because that's the record that Devin Hester set a few years ago when he ran the opening kick off back for a it has happened at least once before.

The other catch is that you have to be signed up for the Pizza Hut, Hut Awards program. But it's easy and doesn't cost a thing to sign up...and who knows you could get a free pizza.

Think about it, if just everyone who watches the big game signs up and someone scores a TD in under 14 seconds, that's over 100 million pizzas that Pizza Hut will have to pay off on...momma mia, that's a lot of pizza






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