Blame it on my youth, I suppose. I was driving 109 on my way back to Vegas from Reno back when I was 18 and got pulled over. I thought for sure I'd spend the night in jail.

According to, playing dumb or simply asking for a warning works for some people. My initial thought was... Not me! And then I thought back to when I was 18 years old and for whatever reason, felt it was necessary to drive 109 miles per hour to head back to Vegas (my hometown) from Reno. Sidebar: who wouldn't haul ass to get away from Reno? I digress.

I got pulled over and thought for sure I'd spend the night in jail. Well, I didn't. Instead, I got slapped with a $900 speeding ticket by the police department of some small, middle of Nevada town. I wrote them a hand-written letter essentially explaining to them that I was a dumb college kid and that I'd learned my lesson, but had no idea how I'd come up with that kind of money. They wrote me back! Brought it down to like a $150 parking ticket... I was stunned! So, I guess, in some cases, you can get out of it!

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