The first day of fall is September 22nd, but I've been embracing it since early August. However, the passing of Labor Day, temperatures dropping, and Bath & Body Works releasing even more fall scented candles, the official start of unofficial fall is here! And with that comes autumnal fashion. There are some staples I think everyone should have in their wardrobe this time of year.

Invest in the flannel game. This versatile item adds character to any look. Wear it plain, tie it around your waist, toss it over a dress or romper, layer it over a tee or under a sweater. One flannel can really remix your look.

I know leggings are a staple year round, but fall is where they flourish. Wool leggings, especially in earth and jewel tone colors, are autumn vibes all the way and comfortable AF. Bonus that they keep your legs warm.

Sweaters are a must. Specifically, a hoodie for every day and a cable knit sweater which can be dressed up or down. Start eating all the Halloween candy and pumpkin pie now, 'cause the sweater life will conceal any bulges and everyone will think your're just fall vibing (how many times can I use "fall" in this article?).

Of course fashion boots are key. Can't go wrong with black or neutral tone boots. You can wear them with anything. I often opt for thigh high boots with a heel, but even a suede flat boot makes you look classier. Honestly, I just live for boots. I think they are the best and most important part of the outfit.

What are your wardrobe staples for the cooler weather? I almost included scarves, but I'm always on the fence about them 'cause I'm not sure I know how to wear them. If you have any scarf tricks for big busted women, let me know. I always worry they make me look bulkier up top giving me the aesthetic of a hen.

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