We live in one of the best areas for outdoor recreation anywhere and my son and I have been counting down until we could go camping.  We decided to try our new tent tonight.

No, it's not quite the right weather and we aren't truly enjoying all the Idaho outdoors have to offer.  Instead, we're set up in our living room and "camping" while watching the NBA playoffs.

Connell - Tent In Living Room

My son came home with strep today, so he was bummed to have to hang out in bed and chill.  We hadn't set up our tent to try it since we bought it a couple weeks ago, so I decided it was the perfect time to pop it up, and make a "living room camp out adventure."

At first he thought I was crazy, and as I rolled it out into the living room, he seemed skeptical.  Within about 2 minutes he was moving in, and we had a great view of the TV and new place to discover and spend some time.

So far, so good.  We'll see how cool this "camp out" is as we try to get to bed and hopefully it will make our real-life camping this summer even more fun.

Connell - Colton in Tent

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