The two Boise high school girls that planned the Idaho People for Unity campaign, the Idaho women’s march last month, are now organizing a walkout for students from Boise State University and area high schools. The rally is said to protest Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as education secretary, and to show support for education and for women’s civil rights.

The concern from school officials is that students have already missed seven days of school because of snow, and want to avoid students missing more class time.

One principal even asked if they could move it to lunch hour. But they say the timing during the school day is meant to send a message.

If students do leave their high schools to attend the rally scheduled for 10am at the Idaho Capitol, the district said it would invoke its standard policy for absences.

The District Deputy Superintendent has said "they have a right to protest". No one is saying that the students can’t go to the rally. There are just policies that have been around for a long time that will continue to be enforced.

For more information on the Education Rally, click HERE.

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