Thanks to these real-life heroes, a local beaver can go about his dam business.

It's kind of sad, but also kind of the cutest thing ever. On Sunday, May 20th, Eagle firefighters came across a beaver that was stuck between a couple of fence posts, unable to free itself from the tiny iron prison.

As firefighters tend to do, EFD had tools on hand and were able to bend the bars far enough apart that the animal was able to free itself. Normally, that's where the story would end. Stuck animal, free animal, bye Felisha. Not this beaver.

The beaver was so dam grateful to the brave firefighters that he (or she? I'm not zooming in to find out) stuck around and posed for a couple of "thank you" photos for Eagle's finest:



I'm literally going to make that beaver my dam Christmas card this year. He's adorable, jolly, and way more photogenic than I could ever hope to be(aver).

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