Christmas time is a wonderful fun magical time. It can also be quite hectic. So, if you are looking forward to gathering with family, friends or your partner but don't want to add to the stress by being responsible for a special dinner, don't overwhelm yourself. Luckily, there are always restaurants open on Christmas. Just enjoy...

A website called 24/7 Tempo reviewed listings on the reservation sites Open TableResy, and Tock, as well as numerous restaurant sites and sites with local and regional listings to see what the top places are that are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Keep in mind that besides this prime spot for a holiday meal many chain restaurants, typically are open (with limited hours) on Eve and the Day.

So where is the top Christmas meal restaurant in Idaho? According to 24/7 Tempo it is Chandlers in Boise. "This fine-dining steakhouse will offer an à la carte menu as well as a prix-fixe dinner on Christmas Eve and Day, accompanied by live music. While the steak and seafood are the draw, the vegetarian options are well-executed, too."

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