How long has it been since watched a Dodgeball match? Not counting the movie or One Direction videos.

Here's the scoop on a Dodgeball Tournament happening of the 4th of July in Boise, and the charities it can benefit. Sounds fun!

Boise Parks and Rec is organizing the tournament, which starts Monday at 11am at Shoshone Park, 2800 Canal Street.

It's only 5 bucks per person to enter, and the champs can pick which Boise Parks & Rec beneficiary they'd like to help.  The choices are: Youth Scholarships, AdVenture program for people with disabilities or Playcamps.

There may still be time to enter at these spots:

Fort Boise Community Center, 700 Robbins Road,  (208) 608-7680
Whitney Community Center, 1609 S. Owyhee Street, (208) 854-6625

Or just show up and watch the tournament if you're looking for things to do during the day, before the fireworks.  Happy 4th!

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