Making friends as an adult is much harder than it was as a kid. Can you imagine just straight up walking up to someone in Downtown Boise and asking if they'll be your friend? Well, now there's a solution!

It's hard making friends as an adult. I think work friends are one thing, and they're pretty great because you typically have something in common if you work together; an interest, a common enemy (bad boss), etc. But what about outside of the office? How does an adult in Idaho go about making friends?

Maybe you're a native who has grown out of your high school friends now that you're in your thirties, or maybe you're new to the area and aren't quite sure how to make friends. I will say this... I think it's much easier for women to make friends with each other. Maybe not easy, but certainly easier than it is for men. Women can walk up to each other and say "oh my god, your hair is so cute!" Imagine if I tried that with a dude?

Anyway, skip all that and try Meetup. This is an app that you can use to specify your interests and they put together group activities where you can go and make friends! Luckily, I have my fiance but I think we're going to try one of the meetups together soon. Maybe we'll go bowling, maybe we'll hit up Linder farms or a cool bar, I don't know but the prospect is cool. You meetup and then you say to yourself "don't be weird, don't be weird."

Try it! Lemme know how it goes, and maybe we'll end up at the same event!

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