This year I will be missing out on my traditional holiday plans for a few reasons. For one, I moved away from my home town, leaving behind my mom, sister, nieces and nephews, and in-laws. And Covid of course has put kinks in travel plans, be it health concerns or financial hardship as a result of furloughs. So I won't be indulging in my favorite holiday activity: binge watching Christmas movies and Disney classics with the whole family. Not in person, anyway.

As luck would have it (which is hard to come by in 2020, I swear!), I received a lovely little email from Disney+. My favorite streaming service has launched GroupWatch, a feature that allows you to connect with friends and family while watching a show or movie at the same time. The process is simple:

1) Pick Your Title: Choose any movie or series and tap the new GroupWatch icon on mobile app or web.

2) Gather Your Group: Send an invite to up to 6 family members or personal friends.

3) Watch Together: Sync streams to pause for a break or rewind for an extra laugh without missing a beat.

4) React In Real Time: Share emoji reactions to everyone's screens (and use your phone to chat as usual!)


This means I will get to keep replaying the hotel room scene in Home Alone 2 while cracking up with my mom and nieces. You know the one. Kevin uses audio from Angels with Even Filthier Souls to trick the hotel staff so he can escape. CLASSIC!


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