This past weekend I was out of town working a non-profit event for a tremendous organization but that meant I was putting off some of my chores at home. By the time Savannah and I arrived at home on Sunday the lawn was getting tall but I decided to put it off until I got home from work on Monday as laundry was a little more important.

When I arrived home from work on Monday afternoon it was evident that the tall grass needed to be mowed. As always I stared with the front yard and moved to the back. Before mowing the back yard I have to pick up the mess left behind by my dogs. While I was scouring the back yard I noticed something, that didn't look right.

I saw this brown paper rolled up with a paper stuffed in it, I picked it up then realized what it was. Someone decided to smoke a big cigar stuffed with marijuana and when it was almost done threw it over the fence in my back yard.

In most cases I could care less what my neighbors are doing, as long as it doesn't affect my family or my home. But it really pisses me off that my dogs could have eaten that and got sick. Plus it is such a disrespectful thing to do.

My guess is that this was done by a kid or group of kids at the park located behind my house, I would hope no adult would be this dumb. But I have no idea who would have done this.

My first reaction is to post a message on the Next Door App, what would you do in this situation?

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