Idaho has bred some pretty talented folks who have gone on to be successful in entertainment. Aaron Paul is perhaps recently the most notable when it comes to film and television. Shout out to his terribly sweet mother I have the pleasure of working alongside. Breaking Bad is one the single best shows in television history and has arguably the best series finale of all time. Boise Boys are also doing the dang thing with their home improvement shows. But if you go further back in time you'll find Idaho was churning out top tier talent way back when.

Dick Van Dyke is probably the oldest living Disney icon. His portrayal of Bert AND Mr. Dawes Senior in Mary Poppins is memorable piece of nostalgia that warms the heart. Despite the film debuting in 1964, the movie has endured generations. Even kids born in the 2010's know who he is. And it was a joy seeing him in 2018's Mary Poppin Returns still as lively as ever. He really did dance on top of a desk. No strings, no stunts. He's not from Idaho though. He's from West Plains, Missouri. But there is a man named Dick with a Disney connection who hailed from Idaho.

Dick Wesson was born in Boise, Idaho just 29 years after Idaho entered the union in 1919. He made his way to Hollywood and worked on several shows, including The Bob Cummings Show. Funnily enough, that show also had Rose Marie in its cast. She co-starred with Dick Van Dyke in the Dick Van Dyke show. Very six degrees of separation! And one of his final gigs was announcing for The Magical World of Disney.

So there you have it. Idaho can claim a Disney Dick. Take that, White Plains, Missouri!


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