With frigid temperatures and cold weather headed our way this weekend, I thought it might be interesting to share the news that Idaho is home to the coldest town in the U.S.

On any winter day, this one Idaho town is most often the coldest place in the lower 48 states... but, even as cold as it is, it doesn't hold the record for coldest place in Idaho…

Over a ten year period Stanley, Idaho has recorded the lowest temperature more days out of those ten years than any other area in the contiguous US with 398 total days of the coldest recorded temperatures.  West Yellowstone, Montana was 2nd ......Gunnison, Colorado was 3rd followed by Truckee Californian and Alamosa, Colorado rounding out the top five.

As cold as Stanley is, the coldest day on record didn't happen in Stanley....heck the 2nd coldest day on record in Idaho didn't happen in Stanley either.

The coldest day ever recorded happened at Island Park Dam...and that record low temperature was (drum roll please)  60 degrees below zero.  brrrrrrrrr

The second coldest day on record happened in 1933 in Tetonia, Idaho.....57 degrees below zero.

So even though Stanley is the coldest place in America, it's still no the coldest place in Idaho....

If you're curious, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the lower 48 was 70 below zero and it happened in Montana at Rogers Pass in January of 1954.














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