Hey, if you think it’s nice being able to Uber food to your door, check out what’s happening at the University of Idaho campus.

They just rolled out 15 food delivery robots whose sole purpose is to deliver food to the people ordering from Idaho Eats locations like Qdoba, True Burger, and Einstein Bros Bagels.

University of Idaho, Media
University of Idaho, Media

University of Idaho reported, “U of I is the first university in Idaho to introduce robot food delivery service. Students and employees can now use the Starship Food Delivery app (iOS and Android) to order food and drinks to be delivered anywhere on campus, within minutes. The delivery service works in conjunction with Idaho Eats meal plans and Vandals may pay using Dining Dollars.”

According to their release, you can watch the robot the whole time on the mobile app while you’re waiting for it to get to you, and to ensure no one steals the food, the robot will remain locked until it connects to your phone via the app.

What the actual hell is happening?! This is insane! I can’t tell if I love this idea or if I’m just a tad weary for what the future looks like haha and does anybody else get Stark Industry vibes when they talk about Starship Technologies? I do, and I can’t be alone in that—there’s no way.

Well, I’m very excited for U of I, and also a little bit jealous! It will be interesting to see how this expands throughout Idaho and the rest of the country.

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