The Bronco v Vandal tradition is NOT dead. Heck no it isn't. It might not be played on out the grid iron anymore but gosh darn it its going to be worked out with first and pucks tomorrow afternoon. And you should be there. The 6th annual Black and Blue Rivalry Game will be played out on the ice at Century Link Arena tomorrow afternoon not only for bragging rights and another year of calling your school the best. There will be a great cause attached to the game. Senior Hunger On Ice event for Metro Meals On Wheels. Last year over $32,000 was collected for the rivalry game and from the people I've talked to that is a goal that is expected to be surpassed this year.

BSU UOFI hockey


So if your family bleeds Blue or has a few Vandals here and there this is an amazing event in the Treasure Valley and just another great event to get out and support the local community. All ticket sales will be donated to the meals on wheels foundation. So who are you pulling for? Me...I'll never tell lol. - JD

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