Constantly torn between eating all the indulgent things and getting in shape, today I opted for the former. And no better place to do it than Cinnaholic, an entirely vegan treat shop that would fool any carnist. Seriously, I had Moug try it and he was surprised something so good could be vegan. But you don't get a body like mine without finding all the rich, fatty sweets.

My favorite is the Blueberry Pie Roll, which consists of cream cheese frosting topped with homemade pie crumble and fresh blueberries. But I was feeling decadent, so I went with the Turtle Roll today. Chocolate, caramel, and pecans are the way to my heart sometimes. Moug kept it simple with the Old Skool Roll. Can't go wrong with a fresh baked cinnamon roll topped with vanilla frosting.

Cinnamon rolls aren't your thing? They still have you covered with brownies, cookies, and peanut butter cups. I can eat a whole dozen of the peanut butter cups in one sitting...I might have to pick some up tomorrow.

Whether you're vegan or not, Cinnaholic caters to your sweet tooth in a way that will leave you so satisfied you won't mind running that extra mile to burn it off. I'm putting my running shoes on now.


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