A non-profit shelter is helping Boise's homeless population get some brand new smiles, and local dentists are donating their time to make it happen.

Interfaith Sanctuary's S.T.E.P.S. is exactly what it sounds like.  It's a customized program that gives a series of steps to each person that needs it, to help him or her move from "dependency into a self-supporting model and become a viable member of society," according Public Relations Director April Neale.  The program helps the homeless get ID cards, training, and now...new teeth.

April Neale, says right now, Interfaith Sanctuary has three guests working with greater Boise area dentists so they can get the dental work they need and enter the workforce with confidence.  The dentists donate their time and resources to make it happen.

Ernest "Buzz" Garcia is one success story.  He's a full-time employee for Interfaith Sanctuary as Manager of Maintenance now, and he's getting his new smile from Boise dentist, Dr. Troy Clovis.

The Interfaith Sanctuary gives overnight shelter to up to 164 men, women, and children, and if you'd like to find out how to get involved, there's plenty more info on their website.  And give those dentists a big high five when you see 'em.


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