Let me preface this by saying I obviously don't know everyone in Idaho and my experience is not representative of anyone else's but my own. That said, I feel like there's just this bad mood vibe blanketing the Treasure Valley. Listeners (who vow to never listen again) are getting really troll like on the Mix 106 Facebook page over trivial things. Raging over silly articles. And it's really a bummer.

The team at Mix 106 is just trying to provide some infotainment and it feels like everyone finds a reason to be angry about it. Honestly, I think this article might receive the same treatment. But I am not above giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. I believe people are inherently good. So if everything is putting ya'll in a mood, I'm going to assume there is something deeper going on. I've decided to blame the whacky weather in combination with the smoke and ash from the wildfires.

It is remarkably difficult to stay in good spirits when it appears we are living on the edge of the apocalypse. Doomsday vibes all around with the murky skies and flaming moon. And it's still uncomfortably hot and muggy. So, my little keyboard warriors, if you're just feeling a way 'cause the vibe is off, may I remind you that this is temporary. And our only intention is to provide info and a laugh or two. We do not have malicious intent. And if we disagree on something, that's ok. No need for vitriol. Hopefully these weekend storms wash away some of these bad vibes because I know Idaho is filled with lots of awesome, joyful people. I keep meeting them! So if this article is making you feel attacked, maybe take a second to reflect, take a breath, and step away from the keyboard.

I hope we all feel better next week. How do you sage a whole state? We'll figure it out.

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