This could get tomatoes thrown at me, but I'm going to admit that I am a transplant from a different city in a different state. I know, how dare I invade this sacred land. But I'm not from California, which seems to be the trigger native Idahoans. Whenever I share that I'm actually form Las Vegas there is an audible sigh of relief from the person who asked. Also, I'm about to praise Boise! This is my home now and I'm already proud, so please embrace me the way I embrace the prices at the bars in Boise.

It's not often I get to enjoy a night out on the town because work, kids, and whatever else. But when I do, I hit up downtown Boise. It's close to work, and that's where I am when I get the urge to bar crawl. Last week I made it a mission to get my drink on and I accomplished it as though my name was Tom Cruise. But I did accidentally leave my debit card at Humpin Hannah's (The mark of a good night, am I right?) Once I realized, I was scared to check my bank account balance.

I started at The Silly Birch, moved to Cactus Bar, and ended at Humpin Hannah's. My night began at 8:30pm and ended close to 2am. The drinks were flowing steadily. tequila sodas, tequila shots, more tequila sodas, some sort of rum concoction, shots again, and tequila soda. Mind you, I'm a good tipper. I care about the service industry in Boise. So what was the damage?

Truthfully I can't remember what I spent at The Silly Birch, but it wasn't much. Cactus Bar is cash only, which keeps the drinks cheap. 6 tequila sodas ran me $22.50 after tip. Humpin Hannah's is where things got really fuzzy, but when I finally picked up my card (two days later), I only had to tip on an $21 bill. When all was said and done, I spent under $60 for a night that caused a day long hangover.

For comparison, I spent $86 on half as many drinks when I was in downtown Vegas last month. Gross. Safe to say I'm thrilled to be celebrating my birthday this weekend in a town where my imbibing is bargain priced. Sorry, liver. I'll try and drink some water too.

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