With Daylight Saving Time having us spring forward one hour lets take a look at some of the effects and how we can deal with them.

Any time you change time or time zones there can be issues with tiredness. We see that with flying all the time, but also with the time change twice a year. Some states don't adhere to this losing and gaining of an hour but most do and I believe for good reason. I don't want to do away with it it is beneficial to my outdoor lifestyle but I want to know what we can do to help the small or sometimes major side effects.

There are studies that show that traffic accidents increase after DST according to an article by drflannery.com. Things you can do to prepare is to create a good sleep environment and make sleeping and easy task. Also this article says : Wearing orange glasses in the evening a couple of hours before bed will also help increase the production of sleep hormones so you can fall asleep. Worth a try if you have trouble sleeping and are especially tired after DST. Add in a nap or rest that day or evening after.

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