A very popular location for swimming and paddle boarding in Boise has been shut down due to E.coli.

Quinn's Pond and all ponds at Esther Simplot Park have been shut down after city employees found high levels of the E. coli bacteria in the water during their routine weekly testing. Since the new park was completed in November, the park and ponds see hundreds of visitors on the weekends to swim, float, and paddle board with their families.

The ponds will stay closed until the bacteria concentrations fall below appropriate, safe levels. They expect the process to take a week or more. Signs have been posted warning visitors to stay out of the water and authorities are asking for the public to obey the signs until the ponds are deemed safe.

E.coli infections range in severity from very mild to potentially life-threatening, according to the CDC. Symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. KTVB says, the Central District Health Department has not gotten any reports of people getting sick after swimming at Esther Simplot Park or Quinn’s Pond, according to the city.

After the ponds are cleared and reopen, you can help protect yourself by showering after getting in the pond water, keeping pets out of the water and picking up their waste, and not feeding the ducks and geese.

Updates to the pond closure will be posted HERE as information becomes available.

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