It can sometimes be the absolute worst when your grandparents try to take on your video games, but sometimes it can also be quite amusing. With Danny Glover and Danny DeVito playing said septuagenarians, we’re hoping for the latter, as a new trailer has been revealed for the third Jumanji movie, now titled Jumanji: The Next Level.

In this new trailer, returning kid actors Madison Iseman (Bethany), Ser’Darius Blain (Fridge) and Morgan Turner (Martha) become concerned about Alex Wolff (Spencer) and go to check in on him. Discovering a jury-rigged game on Spencer’s TV screen, they assume he’s gone back into the game and get sucked in themselves before picking their characters. Much to their shock, Spencer’s grandfather (DeVito) and his friend (Glover) get pulled in as well, assuming the bodies of Smolder (Dwayne Johnson) and Mouse (Kevin Hart). Turner’s Martha is now in the Ruby Roundhouse character (Karen Gillen), while Blain’s Fridge is begrudgingly chosen to be Professor Oberon (Jack Black).

Much like the previous films, lots of action and chaos ensues as the characters attempt to survive their wilderness adventure.

Others cast in the film include Colin Hanks, Nick Jonas, Rhys Darby and Awkwafina. Jake Kasdan returns as the director for the latest installment, while writing team Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinker are also back, keeping the continuity intact.

Jumanji: The Next Level hits theaters on December 13, 2019. Watch the trailer below.

Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer

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