We know that teen driving and distracted driving is a bad combination but what states are the best for a teen driver and which one the worst? Well, Idaho was not on the good side of this list.

Let's just cut to the chase, Idaho ranked at 41 so in the bottom 10 ranked for worst states for teen drivers. 41 is not good but with how nuts I-84 is and the windy mountain roads that this state is hard for new teen drivers.

My friends at WalletHub rock, they are always doing research and using key measurements to helps us learn where we rank for various things. Oddly we got the best marks for "safety Rank" but really low in the rank of the driving laws here in Idaho. Which sound like those need to change. When I moved to Boise and found out they had no hands-free law, I was shocked. No matter what you believe the statistics are there and I would much rather see people ticketed then getting into bad accidents. There is just TOO much-distracted driving to not have that in play.

Source: WalletHub

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