In my 20's I was thirsting after Dodge Challengers and big speakers, and I've realized my dude domestication has kicked in big time now that I'm in my 30's.

I'm 33 now, but if you rewind the clock 5-6 years all I was thinking about was girls, and cars and loud music (I wasn't into video games, really). Now all the sudden, I get my kicks by dream shopping at Lowe's and Home Depot. I have a small yard and yet there I am looking at the sit down lawn mowers imagining what it would be like to drive one.

I walk by the grills and I can imagine the smell of a great backyard BBQ, and then I realized I have several small tool boxes and kind of a mess of tools when I saw this beautiful (relatively inexpensive) toolbox with a built in workbench and I fell in love.

Maybe I'll get it for my birthday... What's your dad domestication thing? What weird things do you get excited about? (Like beautifully manicured lawns, for example)

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