We have an awesome chance for you to go back-to-school from CWI and MIX 106. This is not only something that can change someone's life, it's a resource that is valuable. A full year's scholarship will be awarded to one of our listeners.

Have you ever thought... "If I could just get some help I would go back to school", or maybe "is there a way to work and go to school and still succeed?", well yes there is! The fact this school is willing to do this just shows how unique and awesome they really are. Billy and I took a trip to the college to check out the digs. Not only are there multiple campuses, they are constantly growing and offer many programs you may not even know about. Cyber Security, Automotive Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy Tech..there are so many programs, degrees and certificates offered at CWI it is really eye opening the opportunities.

Fill out the form below for a chance to win a full year's scholarship to CWI !! 

The varieties of programs offered is awesome but I was most impressed with their advanced lab, the equipment and the opportunities that kids have. Science is my favorite.


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