All of us are mourning for our neighboring state of Utah this morning.  This may be a case of 'The System' failing us.  Six people are dead in an accident so brutally horrific that investigators cannot identify the bodies.  And why are they dead?  Why did this accident occur?  Because a man who most people feel should never have been out driving our streets was driving a dump truck with open containers of alcohol inside.

Credit: Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

41-year-old Jamie Don McKenzie was said to be speeding and swerving in his dump truck on U.S. 40 in Utah when according to East Idaho News, McKenzie crossed the median and vaulted over the cable barrier broadsiding a Dodge Ram pickup truck.  Three people were ejected from the pickup while three others remained inside as it was crushed instantly killing all six people.

The damage and extent of the crash was so bad that investigators cannot identify the bodies.  The only body they have been able to identify so far is 62-year-old Efrain O. Cardenas.  Here's what the aftermath of this accident looked like...

Credit: Utah Highway Patrol

Many are speculating that McKenzie was drunk.  It wouldn't be the first time.  Here's a list of McKenzie's rap sheet...

  • October 9th - assault and intoxication in a domestic violence incident
  • July 28th - open containers in a vehicle
  • 2013 - impaired driving and having an open container in his vehicle
  • 2012 - intoxication
  • 2002 - alcohol-related domestic violence
  • 2002 - seven counts of sexual exploitation of a minor
  • 1998 - one case of supplying alcohol to minors, in another of having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle, and a third case of having an open container

I know that we're all innocent until proven guilty and all of these charges are just that right now.  They're charges.  Everything is alleged until investigators build their case and eventually prosecute this man but looking at his past history it's difficult to swallow.  It's hard to think of the families mourning today because this man continued to have the opportunity to get behind the wheel.  Our deepest condolences go out to the families.  I can only hope and pray that through this accident, some changes will be made to keep people like Jamie Don McKenzie out of that driver's seat.