I can only imagine what the response to this will be. Some states want to require students and teachers to wear electronic health monitors when school is back.

That means that every teacher and student would be walking around with armband monitors as you might see at the gym. Are we okay with this?

Don't get freaked out or excited because this isn't mandatory in Idaho, yet. We just saw college football put the brakes on this coming season across the board. This is turning into a big mess and even the President isn't happy about it.

We've seen a massive increase in coronavirus cases as states started opening businesses. That's creating more arguments, mandates and the COVID-19 fight continues. This is definitely going to be the debate as we head into the election just months away. So, what if Idaho jumps on the health monitoring armbands? Would this give you some peace of mind knowing your kid could be monitored? Or, is that too far and this would be considered a privacy issue for you?

New Jersey is just one going through this right now and it's a debate. The school system will provide you these armbands and it becomes your responsibility. You lose it and don't come back to class. Invasion of privacy? I just can't see Idaho letting you into their house with another monitor. People are already paranoid that the government is listening through phones and computers.

Let's keep an eye on this one because all it takes is one school system to approve it and watch the dominoes fall.

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