We all have that thing that scares us. Mine for instance is snakes. It may be irrational, and crazy and silly but if I have the chance to skip this I would do it every time. There is nothing good in my book about holding or handling a live snake. If you had a chance to take on a fear you have would you jump at it or run away? Jeff has been filling in for Mike on the Mix Morning Show during his time out battling Prostate Cancer. And while the conversations on the mic have been pretty lighthearted we may have hit a cord. I felt like this was too good NOT to film.


Like Jeff I can understand how uncomfortable something you hate doing, although funny for everyone else to see can make for a funny video. The things we do for ya'll lol. - JD

If you missed my time holding the snake this week, enjoy:) I'm still washing my hands with hand wipes and suddenly I feel like I need a shower. UHHH

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