I've always wanted to have a "theme song." Think about it...whenever you hear that song you know boom that is his song. YES, how rad is that. Most states in the US have a state song. Could this be our great Gem State "Theme Song"? I totally think it could be. YouTuber Bryan Lanning has written a song that I'm pretty sure would be a cool representation of Idaho. Honestly, he paints a pretty amazing picture within his lyrics...these are just a few of them. "Blue skies and orange clouds tower over us Our faces whipped with summer air, Our small town held us in, but it held us together Hands held tight, we didn't care" That's pretty great right. Watch the video below.

So each State does have its own song and Idaho's is "So Here We Have Idaho." I feel like though this could make for a perfect updated version. Bryan and his wife have a pretty accomplished YouTube channel which you can check out HERE. Okay so it may never make it to the floor of the Idaho Government to change our song to this, but it is cool to see a couple from the state putting their pride for the Gem State in music.

Some other Idaho facts you may not have known.

  • College Of Idaho is the States Oldest 4 years institute of higher learning And was founded in 1891
  • The Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park is the tallest single-structured sand dune in North America. 470 feet high...that is a ton of sand.
  • The Banana Belt. Have you ever heard of that? Well, it's the area in the Treasure Valley around Nampa and Hagerman. Why is it called that? Read this article HERE. Suddenly I'm hungry for a 'nanner.

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