Just when you thought teacher "sick out" issues, a national pandemic, canceled events, and a Presidential Election was enough. Could more things that we love drop due to the typical excuse of, "It's 2020 - what did you expect?"

I have plenty more that I could add but why do that? I have some breaking news that could be that one shining piece to make all your problems go away. Applications have been filed for an In-N-Out Burger. The meeting has been set for October 23, 2020.

Should I let your jaw drop for a minute or do you wear #idahome and don't care about some In-N-Out Burger. I think both of those are okay if we're being honest. I grew up in Texas and I'm just someone who loves to be surrounded by the great burgers. We have a place called, "Whataburger" that everyone loves to post on socials when visiting. That was our spot after school back in the day.

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In-N-Out Burger is a different story because we have so many people moving into the area who dream about those days in line for something off the "secret menu." Here's what I know.

Where? Boise will have to wait. This could be the start If I was a betting guy. The actual spot is on the East Idaho Border in Logan, Utah. There was an application received with Oct. 22 as the meeting date to discuss. If this goes through I'm wondering if we'll see movement closer to the Treasure Valley. This would be a closer drive than LA for that burger!

I've been hearing people talk about In-N-Out for years and it makes more sense now. There are too many new people moving in from areas that have them like California and Nevada.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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