ICYMI: many an Idahoan is passionate about the Second Amendment

When you break it down, there are a few big reasons for that. First and foremost, Idaho culture is rooted in self-reliance and the ability to thrive unassisted. We don't take handouts, and we're not going to wait for someone to rescue us. Period.

Whether it was with family or friends, a lot of us grew up hunting, fishing, and learning how to live off the land in preparation for the day we had to. It makes sense that guns  are a part of daily lives.

Many of us see our firearms as tools that protect and sustain some of our oldest, most valued traditions. They're not just just weapons.

Idaho isn't Uncle Sam's biggest fan.

Many of us, native or new to the state, hold the belief that a limited government is a safer government. More often than not, those to the right of the aisle are skeptical of any regulations that might infringe on or even hint at challenge our civil liberties.

If you think these folks aren't paying attention, think again.

The Gem State's gun control laws are under constant surveillance by state residents. The belief that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t require a permit to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms isn't going anywhere, y'all.

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