Seven new cases of the Coronavirus have been confirmed in Oregon creating a state of emergency. Is Idaho next?

I've been pretty passive when it has come to the coronavirus. I have not felt panicked and I haven't been one to stock up on toilet paper and water, but maybe I should.

According to, the presumptive cases in Oregon are not travel related, which makes me even more anxious about is Idaho next to be hit?

I recently had a conversation with my Mom and we assumed the coronavirus would hit the east coast first, but that has not been the case. The coronavirus has hit closer to home more than I ever imagined.

The state of emergency in Oregon will last 60 days.

Are you worried about the Coronavirus or do you think everyone is overreacting?

We don't have any confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Idaho, but it seems like it could cross the border pretty easily.

My doctor says the flu is killing  more people than the Coronavirus, but I still wonder if I'm being naive. It's probably time to stock up in my pantry just in case.

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