It's great to be back with all of you on Mix 106 after my little vacation.

My family and I spent the 4th of July Weekend in McCall with about 20,000 other close personal friends.  We got to hang out at the crap show known as North Beach and thanks to Kate, we got to watch the fireworks from the dock at the house she rented. (thanks Kate)  We saw some pretty cool things while out and about.



Mike Kasper, Townsquare media

My two teenage boys loved that their older sister kept finding girls in bikinis to take pictures with them.  (Older sisters are good for something after all)

One of the coolest things we saw was a couple of people riding Fly boards at North Beach.  The are basically boards hooked up and powered by jet skis that shoot the riders up into the air.  the two guys riding the Fly boards really knew what they were doing, as you can see by the video, because they knew how to do flips and dives into the water, then come shooting back out again.  Check out the video...pretty awesome.