I just don't get camping.  I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would choose to sleep outside with bugs and critters, when there's a perfectly good bed and a hot shower at home.

Do you love it?  Excellent!  I'd love to learn from you about why it's so awesome, and offer up a few suggestions for places around Idaho to help you fuel your love for camping this weekend.  

I happened to run across an article title, 9 Reasons Why Camping is for Crazy People, and I found myself agreeing that pit toilets, bugs and bears, setting up the tent, and dirt are all things that feed my camping aversion.  But S'mores are great!  And so are drinks, and getting totally relaxed and hanging out with friends and family around the beer cooler and the grill.  All things we can do in the back yard too, but I digress.

Camping will be huge this weekend, especially with the weather so nice, and I hope you have a really super awesome time.  I have much respect for your camping skills and expertise, and will live vicariously through you as you spend half the day packing up all that gear and setting it up, fighting off various four-legged creatures, and lacking a shower for longer than you should.

Some of the best camping spots around Idaho, according to TripBlaze, are:

Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast - Clark Fork

Ponderosa State Park - McCall

Hot Springs - Boise

Shafer Butte - Mountain Home

Eastside - Boise

Lucky Peak State Park - Boise

Slate Creek - Riggins

What's your favorite spot, and why do you love it?  Seriously, have a great time, and a great holiday weekend.  Take lots of pics and post them, so the rest of us can pretend we're there.