An Idaho teacher held against her will by the Chinese Communist government is now back in America. The teacher from Rexburg was held in a Chinese jail for over two years and has been reunited with her family, reports the Idaho Statesman.  

Alyssa Petersen returned to America after being accused of funneling people out of China. She worked for the Rexburg company called China Horizons, which teaches English to Chinese people. The company's 'crime' was teaching students to speak English. Petersen was not the only American arrested and placed in a Chinese prison. 

The company's owner, Jacob Harlon, was arrested with her. The Idaho Statesman detailed their plight in the Chinese legal system. Petersen was found not guilty but, unlike our justice system, was not released. She served an additional year in jail. 

 Also, unlike our justice system, her parents did not have the opportunity to speak with her while she was jailed. Her parents received updates on her condition through friends and associates that live in China. Petersen's parents didn't know that she would be sent home until the very last minute. She called them from the airport to let them know her long ordeal was finally over.

Her boss, Harlon, is still being held in a Chinese prison. You can send your support to his family through a GoFundMePage.  

Considering the circumstances, it's disturbing that this case hasn't received as much attention as one would expect it to receive. How can one country deny the fundamental human rights of another country's citizens without repercussions?  

China is one of Idaho's largest trading partners. Perhaps it's time for the state to reconsider its relationship with the Communist Chinese government?  

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