I feel like every other article I've written over the last few weeks has been about things shutting down due to the coronavirus. I'm sorry about that but what are you supposed to do?

We've just Boise State University cancels a few sports including Baseball, Boise Hawks won't be playing Summer ball, Hyde Park Fair was just canceled and now we see the big companies making shutdowns.

Coca-Cola has decided to call quits with a large smoothie and juice brand they acquired back in 2001 called Odwalla. I'll be honest that this was one of my favorite smoothie brands in the store. I'm not a try everything guy and my goto was Strawberry Banana and Odwalla had my very best. Well, they did at one point and that's all over as of the end of July.

Coca-Cola is doing was so many businesses are doing right now. Everyone is evaluating how they can survive this pandemic without losing what makes them who they are. That means you won't see them getting rid of Powerade, Minute Maid, Dasani, or Vitaminwater. Instead, you have to cut what doesn't kill you the most and I'm guessing that was Odwalla.

The other issue is just competition. There is a smoothie shop everywhere like Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Boise Juice Company, and Tree City Juice and Smoothie Cafe.

If you're a fan like myself of Odwalla you have till the end of July. Buy them up!

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