Unplug and be outside, May 1st-8th! That's what the city of Meridian wants you to do, and they're offering FREE activities and classes for people of ALL ages!

The city of Meridian acknowledges that a lot of us have been inside rotting away the last year or so and they want us to unplug from our phones and be outside for a bit! As incentive, they're offering a free event which includes "a multitude of activities including introductory classes in arts, sports, and recreation for people of all ages", according to their press release.

They have all the activities and classes listed here on the Unplug and Be Outside website, here are some notable ones!

  • Outdoor gyms at Meridian parks
  • A Natural High photography class
  • Learning to ride ATV's responsibly
  • Bike to school day
  • Learning to fish
  • Bird Watching
  • Soccer
  • And more!

This is such a cool week long event the city of Meridian has put together and what's great is that it's perfect for kids and families, but not exclusively for kids. Adults are welcome to take part in the activities and the classes as well and let's be honest, we need to unplug and be outside just as much as the kids do!

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Things like this are just a small part of what makes this community such a desired place to live. In fact, in the past year, the combined populations of Ada and Canyon counties have soared up over 750,000. That's three-quarters of a MILLION people living here in the Treasure Valley. Learn more about the population growth in the past year here!

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