To be colloquial, YAAASSS, KWEEN! Summer is officially unofficially here. Temperatures are hitting triple digits this week, so while the technical start of summer is June 20th, we are definitely already there. This summer of course is extra special because it's post pandemic. Time to make up for the summer we lost to Covid-19. and if you had a summer birthday like I do, you really have to live it up. So why a "City Girl Summer" specifically?

Well one of the things we could still do during the pandemic was outdoorsy stuff. Hiking and river adventures were still available for the most part while favorite local city haunts were shut down. Now it's time take advantage of that city life we're finally getting back in full swing. First on the agenda: Supersized First Thursday in Downtown Boise featuring "multiple roving performances, games, meet & greets...Our local merchants plan exciting, engaging in-store events including food and beverage tastings, local art exhibits, and trunk shows. Stop into your favorite establishment or check out someplace new!"

Moug & Angie Mornings will be there playing live music and hanging out. I personally will be putting on an interpretive dance performance because I can't help myself and I'd love to see you down there as we kick of a summer of going out and enjoying everything the city has to offer. But that's just one day.

We've got a whole summer to plan! I'm thinking of some middle of the week staycations at Riverside Hotel, The Grove, Hotel 43, and even Anniversary Inn. Anywhere I can lounge by a pool and get my cocktail on with my ladies. What's on your agenda 'cause I'm trying to steal ideas.

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