This is something that I truly worry about!

A lithium battery in a child’s remote control car sparked a fire in the child’s upstairs bedroom.

It happened just before 2 pm Sunday in a neighborhood off of Ten Mile Road.

Meridian fire officials say the family got home just in time to find the house full of smoke and a small fire in the child’s room. Crews were able to knock down the flames pretty quickly and thank goodness, no one was injured.

I hate to even think about what could have happened if they hadn’t gotten home when they did!

Battalion Chief Ken Welborn with the Meridian Fire Department offers advice to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

  • Make sure you use the correct charger that came with the battery
  • Don’t leave them plugged in for extended periods of time cause they can build up heat
  • Don't charge stuff on top of the couch or on the carpet or something like that have it be on nice hard surface

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